1. Frank Miller: Superman: The Secret Years #4 cover original art (1985)

    (Source: comiclink.com)

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    Frank Miller Superman Superman: The Secret Years

  2. Russell Patterson: Art Lover

    (Source: fineart.ha.com)

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    Russell Patterson

  3. John Held, Jr.: Winter Reunion (A Visit to Grandma) watercolor (c. 1930)

    (Source: lucasmuseum.org)

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    John Held

  4. Robert Crumb: “Girl at the Beach” (1994)

    (Source: lucasmuseum.org)

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    Robert Crumb

  5. Bob Powell: original art from All-New Comics #4: “Bombs over Berlin” (1943)

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    Bob Powell All-New Comics

  6. Gene Colan & Tom Palmer: Tomb of Dracula #26 original art (1974)

    (Source: ebay.com)

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    Gene Colan Tom Palmer Tomb of Dracula

  7. Joe Staton & Terry Beatty: Cover to The P.I.’s #3 (1984), featuring Michael Mauser and Ms. Tree

    (Source: comicartfans.com)

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    Joe Staton Terry Beatty Michael Mauser Ms. Tree

  8. Jack Kirby & Mike Royer: Mister Miracle #18 original art (1974)

    (Source: ebay.com)

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    Jack Kirby Mike Royer Mister Miracle

  9. Howard Chaykin: Hawkgirl #55 cover (2006)

    (Source: romitaman.com)

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    Howard Chaykin Hawkgirl

  10. noirmatic:

    fanart de Condorito y alguno de sus persos!
    fanart of Condorito, a chilean comic…great fan!

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